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Tascam RC-SS20
Tascam RC-SS20

Tascam RC-SS20

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Remote Controller for SS-CDR1/R1/R05, HD-R1, HS-2/8

TASCAM's RC-SS20 is a remote control for the SS-CDR200, SS-R200, HS-8 and HD-R1 solid-state recorders. A panel of 20 illuminated buttons provides instant access to tracks on TASCAM recorders. The RC-SS20 supports the Flash Play mode on the SS-CDR200, SS-R200 and HS-8,  so effects and announcements can be preloaded for instant playback. An "End Of Message" indicator shows when the end of the track is approaching.


  • Remote control for the SS-CDR200/SS-R200/HD-R1/HS-8 solid-state recorders

  • 20 Illuminated Buttons

  • Supports Flash Play Mode on SS-CDR200, SS-R200 and HS-8

  • Load/Stop Button

  • End Of Material indicator lights when end of track is approaching

  • Includes 15' cable