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Shure SM137-LC

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Professional Instrument Condenser Microphone The SM137 is a versatile, flat-response cardioid probe microphone with an ultra-thin diaphragm for natural sound reproduction in both acoustic and high volume performance applications.   What is the SM137 best suited to?   Hihat, Overhead, Strings, Choir, Piano, Brass   It’s ideal for the professional musician looking to mic up their instrument such as acoustic guitar, cymbals, strings, piano and many others, either in a live or recording environment.   What are the characteristics of the SM137?   The SM137 uses an ultra-thin diaphragm for quick response, a very smooth high end, and tight bass. It has a transformerless design, low-noise operation and 15dB pad for high SPL sound sources.   Features Ultra-thin diaphragm for smooth high end and tight, controlled low end Transfomerless Class-A preamplifier 15dB pad for performance consistency across a wider range of high SPL sources Low self-noise and transformerless preamplifier circuitry