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FREE SG Delivery above SGD 100  |  All Prices inclusive of GST

Shure P9RA
P9RA+ -L6E
SGD 987.00

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Wireless Bodypack Receiver

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Wireless bodypack receiver offers premium features for use with the PSM 900 In-Ear Personal Monitoring System. Includes MixMode channel separation, digital stereo encoder, RF Scan, Automatic Gain Control, and selectable high-frequency EQ boost.



  • Features an additional adjustable gain for longer battery life. It can also be used with the Shure Li-Ion rechargeable battery. Also features an improved Mixmode channel seperation  

  • Ultra-thin, low profile bodypack allows discreet placement on the performer

  • Enhanced digital stereo encoder provides an expansive soundstage for excellent audio clarity and detail

  • RF Scan: stand where the artist will be on stage and instantly check RF level

  • Automatic Gain Control greatly prevents signal dropout due to RF overload and allows more channels to be used simultaneously

  • Syncs to a P9T transmitter quickly and easily over IR link using Scan and Sync

  • Switchable 10/50/100 mW output power provides a robust RF link in a variety of performance environments

  • Separate, easily visible audio and RF status indicator LED's

  • Audio level and battery life metering

  • Selectable high-frequency EQ boost (+3/+6 dB @ 10 kHz)

  • Volume and balance controls

  • Extruded aluminum construction for rugged dependability


Filtering Front-end RF filtering: Dual stage 3-pole Chebyshev
RF Active RF gain control: 31dB (adjusts RF sensitivity to provide more RF dynamic range)
RF Sensitivity: (20dB SINAD) 2.2 μV
Squelch (±3dB SINAD) 20dB SINAD
Adjacent Channel Crosstalk Adjacent channel rejection: > 70dB
Attenuation > 50dB (referenced to 30dB SINAD with -80dBm on channel signal at 45 kHz deviation of a 1 kHz tone
> 70dB for 12dB SINAD
Blocking > 80dB
Audio Output Audio Output Power (1kHz @ < 1% distortion, peak power, @32Ω): 100mW
Minimum Load Impedance 9.5 Ω
Range (Boost/Cut) High Boost
Selectable: +2dB, +4dB @ 10kHz
Limiter Selectable: 3-9 limits volume adjustment knob. Selected value analogous to volume knob increment.
Battery AA batteries: 4-6 hours (continuous use)
SB900 rechargeable battery: 10 hours (continuous use)
Dimensions 3.89 x 2.59 x 0.90" (99 x 66 x 23mm)
Weight 200 g with 2 AA batteries