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FREE SG Delivery above SGD 100  |  All Prices inclusive of GST

Mic Accessories

Microphone Accessories

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  • Shure C25J

    Shure C25J

    25ft Hi-Flex XLR Cable
    SGD 43.00
  • Tascam DR-10X

    Tascam DR-10X

    Plug-On Micro Linear PCM Audio Recorder (XLR)

    Regular Price: SGD 178.00

    Special Price SGD 160.20

  • Shure RPM 150TC Multi Position Tie Clip

    Shure RPM150TC (Pack of 3)

    Multi Position Tie Clip for MX150

    SGD 45.00
  • Shure A25E

    Shure A25E

    Stand Adapter for Shure KSM9 Handheld Mic
    SGD 25.00
  • Shure AK Anti-roll Ring

    Shure A1K

    Anti-roll Ring for Handheld Mics
    SGD 10.00
  • Shure A25D Mic Stand Adaptor

    Shure A25D

    Stand Adapter for SM58, SM57, SM87A & Beta 87A Mic
    SGD 14.00
  • SHURE A58WS (Black) Windscreen

    SHURE A58WS (Black)

    Black windscreen
    SGD 12.00
  • Shure C50J

    Shure C50J

    50ft Hi-Flex XLR Cable
    SGD 48.00


    Desktop Base for Centraverse Mic
    SGD 91.00
  • Tascam WS-11

    Tascam WS-11

    Windshield for DR series
    SGD 43.00
  • Shure SBC200-E

    Shure SBC200-E

    Dual Docking Recharging Station, EU Power Supply
    SGD 304.00
  • Shure SB900A

    Shure SB900A

    Li-ion Battery for P3RA, P9RA, PSM1000, UR5, QLX-D, ULX-D & AD1/AD2 W...
    SGD 164.00
  • Shure PS24

    Shure PS24

    12V DC Power Supply for BLX & SLX Wireless
    SGD 32.00
  • Shure WA620

    Shure WA620

    Neoprene Bodypack Arm Pouch
    SGD 36.00
  • Tascam AK-DR11G-MKII

    Tascam AK-DR11G-MKII

    Accessory Kit for Tascam DR-Series Handheld Recorders

    Regular Price: SGD 96.00

    Special Price SGD 77.00

  • SHURE WA302

    SHURE WA302

    1/4" to TA4F Instrument Cable
    SGD 38.00
  • Shure UA400B

    Shure UA400B

    UHF antenna replaces standard SLX4 and SLX4L antennas (470-7...

    SGD 39.00
  • Shure PS60E

    Shure PS60E

    15V DC in-line power supply for several Shure products, EU Power Supply
    SGD 65.00

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