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Hercules HDP DJ M 40.1
SGD 69.99

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Versatile DJ Headphones, 20Hz-20kHz, 95db/mW

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Headphones are a must-have piece of gear for any DJ, even beginners! Headphones let you focus and isolate yourself from surrounding noise while preparing your mix. Thanks to their effective sound isolation, trendy design, performance and pivoting ear-cups, the Hercules HDP DJ M 40.1 headphones have everything it takes to become as indispensable to you as your DJ controller, helping you perfect your favorite mixes.



The Hercules HDP DJ M 40.1 headphones easily adapt to any type of use. Their sensitivity is combined with a strong audio output level, perfect for monitoring tracks in any environment. The drivers allow for accurate bass reproduction and low enough impedance to ensure high volume output when used with DJ gear, computers and mobile audio players.



The headband easily adjusts to any head size, while the pivoting, practical ear-cups featuring large, soft ear pads provide total comfort and shield you from ambient noise. Properly positioned over your ears, the ear-cups won’t let sound escape.



Easily monitor tracks on the headphones while preparing your mixes: the full range of audible frequencies lets you hear exactly what will be played over the speakers for your audience.



You’ll love the HDP DJ M 40.1’s trendy design, with large ear-cups, black fabric and matte black housing. The earpieces can be folded in – perfect for taking the headphones with you wherever you go.


Audio playback

– 95 dB at 1 mW sensitivity

– Audible frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz


Drivers for DJ mixing

– 60 ohm impedance


Large aperture

– 1.97” / 50 mm driver diameter



– 6.5’ / 2 m cable

– 1/8” / 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack plug

– 1/4” / 6.35 mm stereo jack adapter


Ear-cups: closed-back circumaural design

2 rotation axes:

– Earpieces: vertical rotation (180 degrees) for easy 1-ear monitoring

– Earpiece supports: horizontal rotation (90 degrees) for folding and transport, and to direct the earpiece toward the user’s ear when headphones are worn around the neck


Single-wire cabling (wire attached to left ear-cup)