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FREE SG Delivery above SGD 100  |  All Prices inclusive of GST



TASCAM is the professional audio division of TEAC Corporation, headquartered in Montebello, California. Tascam is credited as the inventor of the Portastudio, the first cassette-based multi-track home studio recorders. Tascam also introduced the first low-cost mass-produced multitrack recorders with Simul-Sync designed for recording musicians. Tascam also manufactured reel-to-reel tape machines and audio mixers for home recordists from the early 1970s through the mid-1990s.

TEAC, described simply, is a company which offers the highest quality in the world of “Recording and Playback” to people and society.

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  • Tascam BP-6AA

    Tascam BP-6AA

    External Battery Pack for Tascam Handheld Recorders
    SGD 49.00
  • Tascam CD-200

    Tascam CD-200

    Studio CD player, SD/SDHC & USB Memory playback
    SGD 438.00
  • Tascam CD-200BT

    Tascam CD-200BT

    CD Player/Bluetooth Receiver
    SGD 495.00
  • Tascam CD-200IL

    Tascam CD-200IL

    Player/iPod Dock (Lightning Connector) Tascam CD200IL
    SGD 641.00
  • Tascam CD-200SB

    Tascam CD-200SB

    CD/SD/USB Player
    SGD 582.00
  • Tascam CD-240

    Tascam CD-240

    CD Player with Network Player Function
    SGD 756.00
  • Tascam CD-400U

    Tascam CD-400U

    CD/SD/USB Player w/ Bluetooth & AM/FM Tuner
    SGD 599.00
  • Tascam CD-500B

    Tascam CD-500B

    CD Player with Balanced Outputs
    SGD 874.00
  • Tascam CD-RW900MK2

    Tascam CD-RW900MK2

    Studio CD Recorder w/ Teac Transport
    SGD 620.00
  • Tascam CD-RW901MK2

    Tascam CD-RW901MK2

    Studio CD Recorder w/ Teac Transport
    SGD 875.00
  • Tascam CG-1000

    Tascam CG-1000

    OCXO Master Clock Generator
    SGD 1,603.00
  • Tascam DA-3000

    Tascam DA-3000

    2-Ch Audio Recorder w/ ADDA-Converter
    SGD 1,684.00
  • Tascam DA-6400

    Tascam DA-6400

    64-Ch Digital Multitrack Recorder
    SGD 5,742.00
  • Tascam DR-05

    Tascam DR-05 Version 2

    Linear PCM Handheld Recorder 2-CH 96kHz/24-bit

    Regular Price: SGD 210.00

    Special Price SGD 148.00

  • Tascam DR-05 Red

    Tascam DR-05 Version 2 (Red)

    Linear PCM Handheld Recorder 2-CH 96kHz/24-bit

    Regular Price: SGD 220.00

    Special Price SGD 156.00

  • Tascam DR-100MK2

    Tascam DR-100MK2

    Premium Linear PCM Handheld Recorder 2-CH 192K/24BIT

    Regular Price: SGD 488.00

    Special Price SGD 399.00

  • Tascam DR-100Mk3

    Tascam DR-100Mk3

    Premium Linear PCM Handheld Recorder 2-CH 192K/24Bit

    Regular Price: SGD 684.00

    Special Price SGD 615.60

  • Tascam DR-10L

    Tascam DR-10L

    Digital audio recorder with lavalier mic

    Regular Price: SGD 290.00

    Special Price SGD 261.00

  • Tascam DR-10X

    Tascam DR-10X

    Plug-On Micro Linear PCM Audio Recorder (XLR)

    Regular Price: SGD 178.00

    Special Price SGD 160.20

  • Tascam DR-22WL

    Tascam DR-22WL

    Linear PCM Handheld Recorder 2-ch

    Regular Price: SGD 208.00

    Special Price SGD 187.20

  • Tascam DR-40 Version 2

    Tascam DR-40 Version 2

    Linear PCM Handheld Recorder 4-CH

    Regular Price: SGD 291.00

    Special Price SGD 261.90

  • Tascam DR-44WL

    Tascam DR-44WL

    Linear PCM Handheld Recorder 4-CH with WiFI

    Regular Price: SGD 413.00

    Special Price SGD 371.70

  • Tascam DR-60DMK2

    Tascam DR-60DMK2

    Linear PCM Recorder 4-CH for DSLR

    Regular Price: SGD 296.00

    Special Price SGD 266.40

  • Tascam DR-680MK2

    Tascam DR-680MK2

    Portable Multi-track 6-Input Field Recorder

    Regular Price: SGD 800.00

    Special Price SGD 720.00

  • Tascam DR-701D

    Tascam DR-701D

    Linear PCM Recorder 4-CH for DSLR

    Regular Price: SGD 743.00

    Special Price SGD 668.70

  • Tascam DR-70D

    Tascam DR-70D

    Linear PCM Recorder 4-CH for DSLR

    Regular Price: SGD 422.00

    Special Price SGD 379.80

  • Tascam HS-P82

    Tascam HS-P82

    8-Track Pro Field Recorder
    SGD 3,212.00
  • Tascam iXR

    Tascam iXR

    2-channel Lightning/USB Interface with XLR Combo Jacks, MIDI I/O, and...

    Regular Price: SGD 220.00

    Special Price SGD 198.00

  • Tascam iXZ

    Tascam iXZ

    Audio Interface for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, with Mic/Instrument...

    Regular Price: SGD 58.00

    Special Price SGD 52.20

  • Tascam LA-40MK3

    Tascam LA-40MK3

    4-Channel Impedance Converter
    SGD 483.00
  • Tascam LA-80MK2

    Tascam LA-80MK2

    8-Channel Impedance Converter
    SGD 528.00
  • Tascam LM-8ST

    Tascam LM-8ST

    Line Mixer
    SGD 728.00
  • Tascam MD-CD1MK3

    Tascam MD-CD1MK3

    MD Recorder/CD Player
    SGD 1,202.00
  • Tascam MiNiSTUDIO Creator US-42

    Tascam MiNiSTUDIO Creator US-42

    Audio Interface for Online Broadcasting

    Regular Price: SGD 317.00

    Special Price SGD 275.00

  • Tascam RC-SS20

    Tascam RC-SS20

    Remote Controller for SS-CDR1/R1/R05, HD-R1, HS-2/8
    SGD 1,464.00
  • Tascam SD-20M

    Tascam SD-20M

    Solid State Recorder
    SGD 413.00
  • Tascam SS-CDR250N

    Tascam SS-CDR250N

    2-channel networking CD/Media Recorder
    SGD 1,603.00
  • Tascam SS-R100

    Tascam SS-R100

    Solid State/CD Stereo Audio Recorder
    SGD 816.00
  • Tascam SS-R200

    Tascam SS-R200

    Solid State/CD Audio Stereo Recorder
    SGD 962.00
  • Tascam SS-R250N

    Tascam SS-R250N

    2-channel Recorder/Player for Network Applications
    SGD 1,281.00
  • Tascam US-16x08

    Tascam US-16x08

    16-input Audio Interface for Mac, Windows and iPad

    Regular Price: SGD 446.00

    Special Price SGD 401.40

  • Tascam US-20x20

    Tascam US-20x20

    USB Audio MIDI Interface with Mic Pre/Mixer

    Regular Price: SGD 837.00

    Special Price SGD 753.30

  • Tascam US-2x2

    Tascam US-2x2

    2-in/2-out USB 2 Audio Interface

    Regular Price: SGD 231.00

    Special Price SGD 207.90

  • Tascam WS-11

    Tascam WS-11

    Windshield for DR series
    SGD 43.00

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