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Get legendary JBL performance in your studio with the next-generation JBL 3 Series, compact powered studio monitors. Integrating the revolutionary JBL Image Control Waveguide, 3 Series MkII monitors offer stunning detail, precise imaging, a wide sweet spot and impressive dynamic range that’s unheard of in their class. With JBL’s patented Slip Stream™ Port and 200w of power, the LSR310S subwoofer adds deep, accurate bass to your monitoring system. Whether you’re working in stereo, 2.1, or beyond—the 3 Series family will enhance the critical listening capabilities of any production space—and deliver an enjoyable mix experience at an accessible price.
With three different models to choose from, there’s a 3 Series monitor to fit your studio and budget. The 5" 305P MkII offers a remarkably full sound in an enclosure small enough to fit in the tightest workspace. The 6.5" 306P MkII is perfect if you need even more volume and bass response while still maintaining a compact footprint. The 8" 308P MkII is the largest and most powerful of the three models in the series, offering impressive low end, high output and excellent dynamic range.

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  • JBL 305P MK2

    JBL 305P MK2

    Powered 5" Two-Way Studio Monitor

    Regular Price: SGD 269.00

    Special Price SGD 239.00

    You Save: 11%

  • JBL 306P MK2

    JBL 306P MK2

    Powered 6" Two-Way Studio Monitor

    Regular Price: SGD 354.00

    Special Price SGD 319.00

    You Save: 10%

  • JBL 308P MK2

    JBL 308P MK2

    Powered 8" Two-Way Studio Monitor

    Regular Price: SGD 446.00

    Special Price SGD 379.00

    You Save: 15%

  • JBL LSR310S

    JBL LSR 310S

    10" Powered Studio Subwoofer

    Regular Price: SGD 699.00

    Special Price SGD 590.00

    You Save: 16%

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